Many vehicle recall notices have been issued this fortnight from brands including Toyota, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Suzuki, Hyundai and Genesis for a variety of safety concerns.
Beginning the run-down is a recall for 2020 Toyota Hilux Rogue vehicles (VINs found here) which may have had the power wire for the cargo roller cover routed incorrectly.
This issue may cause chaffing against the battery clamp post and, if the power wire insulation is damaged, lead to a short circuit igniting a fire.
Toyota will contact known affected owners requesting that an appointment be made with a preferred Toyota dealer to have the issue rectified at no cost.
Another recall comes for 2021 Jaguar E-Pace vehicles (VINs found here) which may have an incorrect wiring harness configuration in relation to the restraints control module (RCM).
The error may see the incorrect seat belt buckle identified meaning the driver’s seatbelt pretensioner may not function as intended, especially in the event of an accident, unless the front passenger seat is also occupied.
Known owners will be notified and instructed to book their vehicle in to have the seats realigned and repaired for free by a dealer.
Also recalled were 2021 Land Rover Discovery and Defender vehicles with the 3.0L six-cylinder diesel engine (VINs found here).
Affected vehicles have an issue where the fixing nuts connected to the exhaust downpipe and the catalytic converter may not have been tightened to specification which may allow them to loosen over time. This may allow hot exhaust gas to leak into the engine bay causing localised heat damage, under bonnet smoke and/or a vehicle fire.
Affected owners can expect to be contacted and asked to arrange an appointment as soon as possible to repair their vehicle at no cost.
A recall wrap would not be complete without a notice from Mercedes-Benz, this time it concerns 2018-2021 Sprinter VS30 vans which are fitted with an electric parking brake (VINs found here).  
The issue identified relates to brake fluid which may leak internally at the rear axle brake caliper over time which may allow air to enter the rear brake system. This in turn may increase rear brake pedal travel and reduced braking performance.
As always, affected owners must contact their preferred Mercedes-Benz dealer to arrange to have the issue resolved.
Suzuki has issued multiple recall notices with the first relating to 2020 Suzuki Ignis models (VINs found here and here). In affected vehicles, the fuel tank breather pipe may have been incorrectly moulded to the top of the fuel tank and may detach from the vehicle. If the breather pipe becomes detached, fuel may leak which could ignite into a vehicle fire.
There were also two more recall notices from Suzuki, for twelve 2020 Jimny vehicles (VINs found here) with four more Jimnys later identified (VINs found here).
The issue is with the bond primer applied incorrectly to the windshield glass and rear door window. It may not adhere to the glass allowing water to leak into the cabin and the glass to detach from the vehicle.
In both instances Suzuki will contact known owners to advise of the recall notice and that an appointment for an inspection and repair of the vehicle is necessary.
The final recall notices come for 2015-2017 Hyundai Genesis models (VINs found here) and 2018 Genesis G80 vehicles (VINs found here) as, due to a manufacturing error, an electronic control circuit board in the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) module may short circuit when the components are exposed to moisture. This increases the risk of a vehicle fire igniting, even when the vehicle is turned off.
Affected vehicles should only be parked in an open space, away from flammable materials and structures. Owners will be contacted and asked to arrange an appointment to have their vehicle repaired, free of charge.
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