Two recall notices have been issued this week by Alfa Romeo and Subaru.
A number of 2012-2013 Alfa Romeo MiTo and 2014-2019 Alfa Romeo 4C vehicles which were sold between June 19, 2012, and May 13, 2019, have been recalled due to an issue with an incorrect software file.
The software file may allow the driver to inadvertently deactivate the passenger side airbag which could increase the risk of an injury to the front passenger in the event of an accident.
FCA Australia will be in contact with known affected owners (VINs found here) to arrange for them to take their vehicle to an authorised Alfa Romeo dealer for a free repair.
Concerned customers can also get more information by contacting FCA Australia on 1800 870 724.
The second and final recall this week is for an ignition switch spare part which could be installed in the following Subaru vehicles:
2004-2014 Liberty
2004-2014 Outback
2009-2013 Forester
2006-2014 Tribeca
2009-2018 Exiga
2008-2011 Impreza
2008-2014 WRX/WRX STI
The issue with the part relates to imperfections in the ball springs which over time can result in the ignition switch failing, which may cause the key position to inadvertently move from “ON” to “ACC” whilst the car is moving.
This will cause the engine to stop running and the power supply to the SRS airbag system will be cut. In turn, this will cause the vehicle to unexpectedly slow down and stop which increases the risk of an accident or injury occurring. The airbag system would also not function as designed.
Vehicles that have had their ignition switch replaced between February 17, 2017, and April 14, 2019, are most at risk of being affected. Subaru Australia will be contacting known owners of potentially affected vehicles (VINs found here) to have them book their vehicle in for a free inspection and repair if necessary.
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