Last week, vehicle recall notices were issued by Renault, Volvo and Mercedes-Benz covering a wide range of models.
Renault requires 2016 Megane IV vehicles (VINs found here) to visit a dealership after an issue in the owner’s manual was identified.
An error in the wording related to the window operation section may see the user incorrectly operate the child safety features on the rear door, which may lead to a child in the back seat being able to open the door from the inside.
Owners are asked to organise with their preferred dealer to have the words ‘and doors’ blacked out from their manual, free of charge.
A recall notice from Volvo has been issued concerning a large number of 2018-2020 XC60 vehicles (VINs found here) which may have had a front windshield wiper arm nut insufficiently tightened during manufacturing.
This may allow the front windshield wiper to become loose, causing an unusual noise as the wiper arm makes contact with the edge of the bonnet. This may also lead to reduced or no wiping function causing reduced visibility.
Volvo will contact known owners in writing to advise of the recall and request an appointment with a preferred dealer be made to rectify the situation.
Mercedes-Benz has issued three vehicle recall notices with the first covering 2019-2020 A-Class (model series 177), B-Class (model series 247), and CLA Class (model series 118) with a four-cylinder M282 petrol engine (VINs found here).
It has been found that engine oil may escape from the turbocharger oil feed line allowing it to leak onto the underfloor panelling then onto the road. The oil may also come into contact with hot components in the engine compartment resulting in the ignition of a fire.
Their second recall notice is for 2018 Mercedes-Benz C-Class vehicles (VINs found here) which may have an issue with the headlight adjustment.
A deviation in the headlight adjustment may lead to a reduction or enlargement of the illumination causing the illumination to be too low and reducing the visual range or too high and dazzling to oncoming traffic.
The third and final recall from Mercedes-Benz affects three 2019 GLE300 vehicles with 4/5 zone climate control (VINs found here).
In affected vehicles, the side airbags may deploy with excessive force and therefore not meet the requirements of UN-R135 as well as posing an increased risk for an injury to be sustained.
In all Mercedes-Benz recall notices, affected owners are expected to make contact with their preferred dealer to arrange for a free inspection and repair of the vehicle, if required.
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