Just two vehicle recall notices have been issued this week coming from McLaren and Audi.
A total of thirteen 2019 McLaren Senna Ultimate Series vehicles (VINs found here) have been recalled, this is due to the potential for part of the engine harness to come into contact with the metal link pipe heatshield which could potentially chafe causing damage to wires in the engine harness bundle.
Should this damage occur the engine may stall, misfire or rupture the exhaust system resulting in a loss of power and an increased risk of an accident.
Known owners will be contacted, or owners can arrange for an inspection and repair if necessary, free of charge with their preferred dealer.
Also recalled this week were a number of 2015-2019 Audi Q5 FY vehicles (VINs found here) which may have incorrectly fastened wheel arch covers which could come loose over time and detach, creating an increased accident risk.
Audi Australia will be contacting known affected owners to arrange a free rectification at their preferred Audi dealership.
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