Vehicle recall notices this week come from Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Volkswagen and Renault.
Fourteen 2019 Mercedes-Benz VS20 Vito vans (VINs found here) have been recalled due to potentially incorrectly installed head restraints for the rear bench seats.
If the head restraints have been installed incorrectly or the incorrect head restraint installed there could be an increased risk of injury to rear passengers in the event of an accident.
Affected owners are asked to contact their preferred Mercedes-Benz dealer for a free inspection and repair if necessary.
Audi has recalled 2016-2019 Q7 and SQ7 vehicles manufactured between January 2015 and February 2019, as well as 2019 Q8 models manufactured between September 2017 and February 2019 (VINs found here) due to the bolted connection between the steering shaft and the steering rack potentially not tightened to specification.
If the bolted connection loosens the driver may lose control of the steering which could lead to an accident and injury to vehicle occupants and other road users.
Audi will contact all known owners to arrange an inspection and replacement where necessary.
BMW has recalled 74 examples of the 2012-2018 F06 M6 Gran Coupe (VINs found here) due to the rear brake light located at the roof of the vehicle potentially not being adequately attached.
If the brake light loosens or detaches whilst being driven this may cause an accident or injury to other road users.
All known owners will be contacted by BMW to arrange for an inspection and repair of the affected vehicle.
Volkswagen has recalled the following vehicles, all model year 2012-2014 (VINs found here) fitted with a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox:
Volkswagen Golf (Hatch, Cabriolet, Wagon)
Volkswagen Jetta
Volkswagen Passat
Volkswagen Polo
Volkswagen Caddy
Affected vehicles may have a fluid leak that can lead to pressure loss in the gearbox. This can interrupt the power transmission leading to a loss of drive function and increasing the risk of an accident or injury.
Volkswagen will contact known affected owners to organise an inspection and repair of the vehicle free of charge.
The final recall notices come from Renault, the first for 2016 Fluence, Megane and Clio IV vehicles (VINs found here) which may have rear axle bolt that is not tightened to specification and may loosen.
Also recalled were 2019 Renault Trafic III vehicles (VINs found here) which may have parking brake calipers that were not manufactured to specification resulting in the parking brake failing.
2014-2015 Clio RS and Clio GT vehicles (VINs found here) were also recalled due to the upper part of the rear spoiler potentially being able to detach from the vehicle.
Finally, 2013-2014 Trafic III vehicles (VINs found here) were recalled due to the potential for the exhaust gas recirculation high-pressure pipe to crack.
Renault will contact known owners of all affected vehicles to arrange for an inspection and, if necessary, repair of the vehicle free from charge.
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