Recall notices have come this week from Kia and recall-king Mercedes-Benz.
A large number of 2020 Kia Carnival vehicles (VINs found here) have been recalled due to an issue that sees the positive terminal on the alternator potentially not tightened to specification during assembly.
This issue could see an increase in resistance to the alternator with heat being generated that could result in a fire in the engine compartment should the terminal come loose.
Kia has also recalled 2020 Seltos models (VINs found here) as it has been found that, during the manufacturing process, an anti-theft lock required by Australian Design Rule (ADR) 25 has not been fitted to the steering column shaft.
In both recall cases, Kia will be contacting known owners to advise of the recall. Affected owners will need to arrange an inspection and repair of their vehicle with their preferred dealer.
It wouldn’t be a recall wrap without a Mercedes-Benz recall notice, which this week comes for 2018-2019 AMG G63 SUVs (VINs found here).
It has been found that sulphur fumes from axle oil may affect an electrical component in the differential locking module, affecting its functioning.
This could result in communication between the control unit and the locking actuator ceasing and displayed status of the differential lock may be unreliable. The electronic stability program (ESP) and anti-lock braking system (ABS) may also become deactivated.
Loss of proper operation of the differential lock and braking and traction systems may increase the risk of a crash occurring.
Affected owners are expected to contact their preferred Mercedes-Benz dealer to arrange for a free repair of their vehicle.
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