Over the past three weeks, a total of six recall notices have been issued by brands including Tesla, BMW, Lamborghini, Jeep and of course, Mercedes-Benz.
At the beginning of April, a large number of 2016-2018 Tesla Model X vehicles were recalled (VINs found here) due to a malfunctioning 8GB embedded multimedia card in the media control unit.
The malfunction may cause the central display to blackout and not recover, a loss of certain functionalities including the rear-view camera, exterior turn signal lighting and windshield defogging and defrosting controls, as well as a vehicle alert to contact Service appearing.
Known owners will be contacted via letter to advise that an appointment with a Tesla service centre is needed to have the VCM daughterboard replaced with an enhanced eMMC controller.
Also recalled were 2007-2010 BMW E70 X5 and E71 X6 vehicles (VINs found here) due to an issue that may see the plug connection from the wiring harness to the blower controller deteriorate over time causing the plug-in contact to short circuit or overheat. This may lead to a vehicle fire.
Known owners will be contacted and advised to book an inspection and repair, if necessary, with their preferred BMW dealer.
A total of 22 2018-2010 Lamborghini Aventador SVJ and SVJ 63 vehicles (VINs found here) have also found themselves on the recall list due to the potential for the hood hinges to loosen.
The hood hinges may not hold the hood closed allowing the hood to unlatch and flip open or detach from the vehicle.
All owners of affected vehicles can expect to be notified, with an appointment with an authorised Lamborghini dealer required for replacement hood hinge screws to be fitted.
The penultimate recall notice comes for 2018-2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles (VINs found here) which may have a fault with the signal from the crankshaft position sensor causing it to fail.
This may cause the engine to stall, as well as the loss of the ability to restart the engine or loss of engine power.
When parts to rectify the issue are available, affected owners will be notified and asked to book an appointment with their preferred dealer for a free repair.
Finally, several 2020 Mercedes-Benz C-Class, GLC and EQC vehicles (VINs found here) have been recalled due to a manufacturing defect that may have damaged the wiring harness of the steering control unit.
This damage may allow water or moisture into the wiring harness which may cause a short circuit, resulting in a loss of electric power steering and a warning message being displayed in the instrument panel. A vehicle fire may also occur.
Owners are asked to contact their preferred Mercedes-Benz dealer to have their vehicle inspected and repaired if required, free of charge.
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