Last week, vehicle recall notices were issued by BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi and Honda for a variety of safety issues.
BMW has recalled 2018-2019 F97 X3 M, F98 X4 M, G20 3 Series and G29 Z4 vehicles (VINs found here) due to the potential for the steering track rods to become damaged when exposed to high temperatures and vibrational loads.
If the steering track rods become damaged they may break and limit the steering ability of the vehicle which could lead to an accident resulting in injury or death.
BMW will contact known owners to arrange for an inspection and repair of their vehicle if necessary.
A large number of 2018-2020 Mercedes-Benz VS30 Sprinter vans (VINs found here) have been recalled due to an issue that may see the brake hoses contact the rear part of the fender liner of the front axle whilst driving.
This issue may cause chafing marks leading to worn out brake hoses which may allow brake fluid to leak. Leaking brake fluid may affect the braking distance of the vehicle and lead to an increased risk of an accident and injury occurring.
Mercedes-Benz is offering affected owners a free inspection and repair, if necessary, of their vehicle.
Also issued last week was a recall notice for 2020 Mitsubishi Outlander and Outlander PHEV vehicles (VINs found here) which may have the second row, right side seat belt shoulder anchorage incorrectly assembled.
The incorrect assembly may cause occupants to be improperly restrained, particularly in the event of an accident.
Mitsubishi will contact all known affected owners by mail to advise of the recall and have them present their vehicle to their preferred dealer for a free inspection and repair, if necessary.
The final recall comes for the following Honda vehicles (all VINs found here):
2018 Honda Accord
2019 Honda City
2015 Honda Civic
2018-2019 Honda CR-V
2018 Honda HR-V
2019 Honda Jazz
2018 Honda Type R
2019 Honda NSX
Due to an improper manufacturing process, the vehicle may contain a component within the fuel pump that may swell causing the fuel pump to become inoperative. This may cause the engine to stall whilst driving and increase the risk of an accident and injury occurring.
Affected owners can contact their preferred Honda dealer to arrange for a free repair of their vehicle.
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