Volkswagen has launched an updated fixed price servicing program, known as Volkswagen Care Plan, the program applies across the brand's passenger and commercial vehicle ranges.
Available at the time of purchase or prior to the first scheduled service, the Volkswagen Care Plan replaces the Volkswagen Service Plan that was only rolled out last October.
The plans future proof costs by fixing them at the current rate, so the amount paid for scheduled services does not increase during the period of ownership.
If the vehicle is sold prior to the end of the plan, it transfers automatically to the new owner for the remainder of its duration.
It should also be noted, free roadside assist applies for the duration of the chosen package.
"The Volkswagen Care Plan is all about giving customers another reason to buy a Volkswagen with confidence," said Volkswagen Director of Customer Experience and marketing Jason Bradshaw.
Volkswagen Care Plan Pricing 3 years/5 Years
Polo - $950/$1,800
Polo GTI - $1200/$2200
Golf - $1100/$1900
Golf Performance models - $1350/$2350
Passat - $1400/$2300
Arteon - $1500/$2500
Tiguan - $1350/$2250
Touareg - $1400/$2500
Amarok - $1400/$2300
Caddy - $1100/$1900
Transporter - $1400/$2300
Mulitivan - $1400/$2300
Caravelle - $1400/$2300
Crafter - $1400/$2300
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