It has been revealed that the upcoming BMW M8 will feature a new integrated braking system, M driving mode button and digital driver display.
The M8 will showcase the brand’s new braking technology which combines brake activation, brake booster and braking control functions within a compact module which saves weight.
An electric actuator is employed in the system which allows for significantly faster and more precise interventions from the driving stability control system.
Another clever feature is the option of two pedal feel settings  - Comfort and Sport, which allows the driver to choose between a comfort-oriented perception of the braking process and a particularly direct, instantaneous response to applications of the pedal.
The new brake technology will be available with the standard M compound brakes or optional M carbon-ceramic units.
The flagship M8 will also get an M mode button in the centre console which can be used to alter the response of the driver assistance systems and the screens in the digital instrument cluster as well as the head-up display. The digital instrument cluster features a unique layout to differentiate itself from the M850i.
The new M mode will allow the driver to choose between Road and Sport settings as well as a Track setting for Competition models.
Configurable via a new setup button located in the centre console, the new M mode allows drivers the ability to customise aspects of the engine, suspension, steering, brakes and the M xDrive system.
Engine characteristics can be adjusted to Efficient, Sport or Sport Plus, the chassis can be altered with three setting options consisting of Comfort, Sport and Sport Plus whilst the M-specific electromechanical steering is available in Comfort and Sport modes.
With dynamic stability control deactivated 4WD, 4WD sport and 2WD modes become available via the M xDrive all-wheel-drive system.
As with other M models, two individual variations of the settings can be stored and accessed through the M buttons on the steering wheel.
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