Vehicle recall notices this week come from recall specialist Mercedes-Benz as well as SsangYong.
Mercedes-Benz has recalled 2018-2019 AMG G63 wagons (VINs found here) due to the lock symbol embossed on the operating lever for the child safety lock showing an incorrect locking status.
This may allow the rear doors to be opened from the inside or for the doors to be unable to be opened from the inside after unlocking the child safety latch. In both cases, this could result in an accident and injury occurring for occupants of the rear seats.
Mercedes-Benz will contact known owners by mail to advise of the recall notice and advise on how to attain a free repair.
The second and final recall this week comes for 2001-2007 SsangYong Chairman vehicles (VINs found here) due to the potential for a crack to develop in the steering lock housing that may cause the steering wheel to lock into the straight-ahead position when the key is turned.
This steering issue may lead to an increased risk of an accident and injury due to the lack of steerability.
Affected owners are advised to present their affected vehicle to the nearest SsangYong dealer to have a replacement steering lock housing assembly fitted.
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