As the summer holidays are drawing to a close and peace is in sight for many, four brands – Bentley, Toyota, Lexus and BMW – are recalling vehicles for issues relating to the never-ending Takata saga as well as electric power steering issues.
A surprising number of 142 2018 Bentley Continental GT vehicles sold between June 27 and November 27, 2018, are being recalled due to a potential issue with the electric power steering control unit.
Should the issue be present in a vehicle an error message may be displayed due to a software fault which can also result in a temporary loss of power assistance meaning the driver will be required to apply additional force to steer the vehicle. This issue obviously could lead to an increased risk of an accident causing injury to occupants and other road users.
Known owners will be contacted via mail by Bentley and advised to have their vehicle booked in to be inspected and repaired if necessary at the nearest Bentley dealership. The reprogramming of the electric power steering control unit with the new software (SW2110) is expected to take less than an hour. Affected vehicles can be found here using the VIN.
Three brands have issued recalls for vehicles which still have faulty Takata airbags fitted, these include:
2014 Lexus IS250C (Model GSE20) (VINs found here)
2014 Lexus IS-F (Model USE20) (VINs found here)
2014-2016 Toyota Yaris sedan (NCP93) (VINs found here)
2014-2015 Toyota Rukus (AZE151) (VINs found here)
1999-2006 BMW 3 Series E46 (VINs found here)
As with all Takata airbag recalls the sooner the airbags are replaced the better as the propellant used to inflate the airbag degrades with age, exposure to high temperatures and humidity which increases the risk of metal fragments being projected through the airbag cushion towards vehicle occupants from the metal inflator housing which could, and has, cause a fatality.
Concerned vehicle owners can also use their number plate to check if their vehicle is affected by the Takata recalls here or contact their nearest dealership.
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