This week, vehicle recall notices have come from SsangYong and Peugeot for various safety concerns.
SsangYong has recalled 2019-2020 Korando and 2015-2020 Tivoli and Tivoli XLV vehicles (VINs found here) fitted with a diesel engine. If the vehicle is driven for a long time a micro-crack could develop in the fuel supply line hose and cause a fuel leak which could ignite into a fire.
Affected owners should arrange for a free repair of their vehicle with their preferred SsangYong dealer.
Two recall notices have come for the 2019 Peugeot Expert K0 Series van with the first concerning potential damage occurring to the fuel supply and return pipes under the body (affected VINs found here). Due to relative movement between the pipes and body guidance ribs, damage may occur over time and allow diesel to leak onto the ground which may ignite into a fire.
The second recall notice (VINs found here) relates to the rear brake hose which may become damaged over time due to the movement between the hose and holding clip. This may allow brake fluid to leak resulting in a loss of braking efficiency.
In both cases, Peugeot Australia will contact known owners in writing to inform them that an inspection and repair of their vehicle needs to be arranged with a preferred dealer.
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