The Hyundai Vision T plug-in hybrid SUV concept has been revealed at the LA motor show, perhaps providing a glimpse into what we can expect from the next-generation Tucson.
Hyundai hasn’t provided any of the PHEV’s powertrain details, however, the brand confirmed there’s a charging port located on the passenger side rear quarter panel with a sliding cover.
While charging the undisclosed battery pack, its status is indicated externally in a metered, circular light cluster, creating a complete circle appearance when fully charged.
Measuring in at 4610mm long, 2014mm wide, 1704mm high with a 2804mm wheelbase the Vision T is slightly larger than the current Tucson.
In keeping with the eco-lifestyle focus, the Vision T sports a matte-green exterior finish.
Key features include a hidden signature lamp which that has a chromium appearance which transforms into functional lighting on demand and the parametric air shutter grille which can control each individual cell of the grille to move in a prescribed sequence.
Oversized satin-chrome alloy wheels with dark orange brake callipers fill the arches.
A special glass pattern has also been embossed within the roof glass structure. The logo also gets a dynamic treatment with the H design in dark chrome but when illuminated it is enhanced with a bright green and deep red hue.
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